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All shipments must be booked and paid in advance.

In order for Runway Pets, Inc. to be in compliance with the airlines and FAA security regulations payment must be received prior to shipment.

Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

* Rates are for U.S. domestic flights only. They do not include Alaska, Hawaii, San Juan Puerto Rico, or any International flights.

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American - 1-25 lbs 
American - 26-50 lbs 
American - 51-70 lbs 
American - 71-100 lbs 
Delta - Xs Crate; 17x12x12 
Delta - Sm Crate; 21x16x15 
Delta - Med Crate; 27x20x19 
Delta - Intermediate Crate; 32x22x23 
Delta - Large Crate; 36x24x26 
Delta - XLarge Crate; 40x27x30 
American Insurance - up to $1500 -  
Delta Insurance - up to $1500 -  
Booking Fee with other Airlines 
*prices subject to change without notice

STEP TWO: Select Airline (at this time, snub nosed animals can only be shipped using United)

* Not accepting United Airline Bookings at this time as they review their PetSafety operations. They expect to complete their review by May 1, 2018

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* Please be advised that American Airlines does not accept any snub nosed breeds *