Flight rates start as low as $160.

COMPETITIVE DISCOUNT RATES: For flying pets to their new homes.

Flight rates start as low as $160.

Discount Rates

Knowledgeable & Friendly

KNOWLEDGEABLE & FRIENDLY: Our staff is knownledgeable and friendly; they are pet transportation specialists and keep up with all the latest news in the industry.

Quick and Reliable: We know the importance of timely service & we do our very best to get your flight info to you as quickly as we can, sometimes in the same day.


Superior Customer

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: We have online booking for 24/7 convenience.


Runway Pets, Inc., your pet travel specialist. Our goal is to make pet shipping as easy and stress-free as possible. Our customers have become a part of the Runway Pets family.

Thank-you and I just wanted to say you guys are awesome and we have never worked with better folks than you all !

Margo Richards

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Our Services

  • We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled customer service.
  • We have contracts with major airlines, you can not go to the counter and beat our price!
  • We book the flight and you can take your pet to the airport.
  • We are Nationwide! So, just because you are not in our area does not mean you cannot save on flying your puppies to their new homes.